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Sent emails ending up in other people's spam folders - and "password resets" not arriving

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I've had quite a number of episodes recently where emails which I've sent have ended up in the spam folders of the person to whom they were sent.  This has happened with a number of different addressees.  Is there any way I can avoid this happening?   It's happened when I've sent to a group of people and also when sent to a single individual.  As far as I am aware the email content has not contained anything contentious or "inappropriate".


Additionally, I've had a few episodes when I've tried to get a company to send me a "reset password"  email and this has not arrived.  This is particularly worrying when it is, for example, an insurance company.  Has anyone else had this, and how can it be solved.


Any help greatly appreciated.




Support Team
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Hi MichaelC22, I've run the 7 day scan on your mailbox as the sender and recipient and there's nothing showing on the scan to say we've blocked anything. Its not a perfect system so if you have the sender addresses please send me a Personal Message with the details in. 



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