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Some emails not being received

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For the last couple of months I've not received some some emails sent to my account, with the sender being advised that the message could not be delivered. Other emails are getting through fine. My mailbox is not full (I've used only 10MB out of 10GB), I have no rules set-up and the emails did not go into the spam folder. All of the emails are from reputable organisations in the financial sector, namely Coventry Building Society (, Virgin Money ( and Yorkshire Building Society (not sure of the @address they used). I have received numerous emails from other organisations (Barclaycard, Nationwide Building Society and Tesco Bank), so it's no a problem across the board. Are TalkTalk rejecting emails from the organisations I'm having problems with? I'm concerning that I'm missing important emails.  


Support Team
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Hi Ousebank, I've checked your mailbox and everything is ok. I've run 7 day scans on the 2 email domains and they are showing no rejection or deferred mails. It doesn't mean we've not bounced the mail, but its not showing on my tools. 



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