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Ask us about your TalkTalk email account and Webmail.

blocking a unwanted email how do i acomplisth this

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I would like to stop emails being sent to me from a particular sender


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I'll assume the From address is genuine and not spoofing your address?


To set up filter rules in the TalkTalk Mail mailbox:


Select here: Sign in to TalkTalk Mail

Enter your full TalkTalk Mail email address, select Continue and enter the password, select Sign in.


You can decide how your incoming emails are organized by creating filter rules. The easiest way to do this is within an email that you'd like to reroute from your Inbox to another folder such as the Trash folder where the email is available for 30 days for review but then automatically deleted.


  • Select the email and then the More actions icon (ellipsis) top right of the email message
  • Select "Create filter rule" from the drop-down menu
  • Enter a name for your rule
  • You can delete the default Subject condition and choose to filter your email just on the From email address
  • Click "Add action" to decide what you want to do with the email
    I recommend that you file it to the Trash folder
  • Then click "Save and apply rule now"

Tip: You can edit your filter rules at any time. Click the gear icon in the top right corner and select "All settings" from the drop-down menu. Next, click the arrow next to Mail in the menu on the left. Then scroll down to expand the "Rules". You'll find all of your filter rules listed here and you can Edit, Disable or Delete.

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