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Fibre 150 - technical setup questions

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some help please


I have fibre65+analog landline and want to upgrade to a newer faster service like Fibre 150

I believe this requires a new modem and that is is VOIP/digital


I already have a Google Nest Mesh Wifi with 6 mesh points. I do not want to replace this. I want to re-use it.  currently google nest just plugs into my existing talktalk router and uses a different IP address range.


I might have had to create a DMZ on the old talktalk router in the past to avoid DNS server conflicts (giving out conflicting ip addresses from only one point ie from google nest )


I have 3 analog landline sockets on an extension in the house and i have one analog extension 15 metres away in a shed at the end of the garden with the extension cable buried 1m underground.


TalkTalk offered me this: Eero 6 device + Digital Voice adapter 


questions please

1. can i simply swap over my old talk talk router for the new one and then plug my Mesh Wifi RJ45 into it?2.

2. Do I need an adapter for each existing landline extension?

3. how will i be able to use the landline extension in the shed, 15m away


thank you



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Do you need any further assistance with this?





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thank you


i do have a wireless analog phone system plugged into one of the ports. the 'shed' is too far away to get a reliable signal through the various walls the signal travels. (I assume it's DECT)


It seems I need a single  "VoIP Analog Telephone Adapter (ATA) " then i run my existing domestic extension from that.


It does indeed seem to be the case that the GOOGLE MESH router plugs straight into the ONT (my situation is more complex than I originally described as i have a cat6 wired network as well but that should run FROM my Google router.


I had the tv hardwired into the talktalk wifi (and out of my ip range) but it worked. i can stick that back onto wifi i suppose.

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You won't get a modem, you will get an Optical Network Terminal (ONT) where the new fibre connection will enter your home. This effectively acts as a modem and I see no reason why you cannot just connect your existing Google mesh system directly to that.


The voice side is a bit more complicated. If you want your internal extension wiring to remain in circulation you will need to undertake a bit of work yourself, bear in mind that the existing master socket will cease to provide an incoming line. Google is your friend for this one, other search engines are of course available.


A better alternative would be to set up a multi handset DECT phone system. Do bear in mind that you must specify that you want a VoiP service alongside your Full Fibre at the time you order.