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Vulnerable Adult - Introduction of Fibre 65 on Wednesday 5 April /Loss of line Telephone Connection.

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On Wednesday 5 April i had Full Fibre 65 connected and from thereon i have have had low speeds of Download 3 mbps, and Upload of 17 mbps.  Contractually it should be a minimum of Download 55 mbps, and Upload 20 mbps. 

I have telephoned TT on 6 occasions, and e-mailed on two occasions, all to no avail.

My internet access is intermittent and i have now lost all access to my land line. 

I am of the opinion that when the Engineer installed full fibre last Wednesday he located the new Router diagonally at the other end of the house, through two walls, to where the original router was located, next to my Desk Top computer.  

I am a vulnerable person of 77 years age with a 76 year old wife who is currently suffering from cancer and i need both internet and telephone access for medication ordering and swift medical intervention.

I require the Engineer to attend my home as a matter of extreme urgency to locate the new router in the original location which is next to my desk top computer.

Can anyone please help in urging TT to act ?


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Hi Lionel


All tests are clear and show no issues, the voip service is showing fine here with all options showing as they should and indicating that voip is connected for the phone.


When testing the speeds, are you using WiFi or a device connected straight into the router with a cable ?


Do you have your phone handset plugged directly into the phone port on the back of the router ?




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Full fibre is usually installed through the wall at the nearest point to the roadside/pole and it is unlikely that it will now be moved, did you actually tell the engineer where you wanted the internal equipment ?


Exactly which service did you order and how was the phone service to be provided ?

Very few installations are split, where the broadband is over full fibre and the copper landline retained.

What router was provided and does it have a connection for a handset, possibly under a pull off sticker ?

Were you provided with a standalone Digital Voice Adapter ?


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Please follow the link in my previous post to complete your profile so staff can trace your account.


I have removed your phone number from your post for security issues as personal info should not be posted for all to see.


Thank you.

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My fone number is REMOVED FOR SECURITY but as previously mentioned it is out of order,


Lionel Campuzano


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