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eero 6 with and extender

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My new TalkTalk router is an eero 6  - after setting up a Netgear EX6E10 extender some websites (not all) appear to be blocked in my browsers (Mac OS - Safari/Chrome/Firefox)  If I turn off the extender these sites are no longer blocked and will load normally.   I should mention that I never had this problem using the Netgear extender with my previous TalkTalk router. Any ideas on how I can I fix this please?


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Hi @Marpymellow 


@Michelle-TalkTalk has asked me to help you. How are you connecting this to the Eero, from what I can find out online it connects to the router's WiFi via WPS. However, the Eero does not support WPS.


If all sites can be reached when this extender is not connected, it must be said that this is not the correct way to extend the WiFi coverage from the Eeero at all, using extra Eeros to turn it into a mesh system is what should be done. The Eero was designed to operate in this manner and may be incompatible with your Eero.

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@KeithFrench - Is this something that you would be able to offer any advice on?