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Issues with Video Calling

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I am having ongoing issues with my new Talktalk connection and I'm hoping someone here may be able to help as I have had multiple calls with Talktalk but we are yet to work out the issue. 


I recently moved house and as part of my move changed from Fibre 65 (with a Talktalk Wifi Hub) to Fibre 150  (with Eero routers). At my previous property and at other properties where I worked whilst moving that all use Talktalk internet I had no issues and continue to have no issues, however at my new property I cannot use any type of video calling on my laptop (MS Teams, Google Meet, Zoom) - 99% of the time I am unable to access any meetings i.e. I can get to the join page but after that my laptop "Loses Network Connection" and I cannot access any meetings. This is incredibly frustrating as when this happens it also seems to affect the connectivity of my laptop and I lost all connection, once the connection is back up I can continue to work on my laptop but still cannot access video calls. 


After raising this with Talktalk I was sent an additional router, this seemed to rectify the issue for 1 day, since then I have had another 2 weeks of not been able to access calls (over all 1 day out of the last month I have been able to access video calls. )


I have tried: 

Restarting the routers 

Restarting ONT 

Restarting laptop (2022 HP laptop, so it's not an old piece of kit - on Windows 11)

Forcing all laptop updates

Checking on updated for my network adapters 

Changing the ethernet cable to my router 

Changing the location of my routers 

Changing which router is connected to the ONT 

Talktalk have changed various router settings 

Legacy mode currently turned on 

IPv6 turned off 

DNS customised settings - done by Talktalk


I feel like I am running out of options, I think my next request needs to be for an engineer to attend and physically check my line, but if there is anything else anyone can think of that may help I would be massively appreciated. 


Thank you in advance!  


Support Team
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Hi Lauren,


Thanks for trying that. Line test isn't picking up any issues. So today are devices disconnecting from the internet even when not video calling?



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Hi Chris,

Thanks for your response, I switch ONT off for over 30mins last night but continue to have the same issues today. I also seem to be getting more regular wifi dropouts today.




Support Team
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Hi Lauren,


I'm sorry to hear that you're experiencing problems with your service. Could you first of all try switching the ONT off and leave it off for at least 30 minutes, then switch back on and retest. Please let us know how you get on