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Unable to Book Appointment

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I am unable to book an appointment for an engineer to come and check my WiFi box. The "guaranteed speed" is 59 yet it's going into the 30s this week (33 at the time of writing) and the speed to my laptop/mobile is at 4 Mbps!


The appointment calendar suggests I can book an appointment between 8am-1pm or 1pm-6pm tomorrow, yet both of these options result in an error message - "We've run into a problem. Sorry, we're working hard to resolve this issue. Please try again later". The same goes for other days/times next week. It suggests contacting Live Chat, however no one is available until 9am tomorrow, so that is no use at all. This is urgent and I'm shocked that it is so difficult to receive help. 


I'm not sure what I'm meant to do in this instance. . I run my own business from home and have online calls scheduled for tomorrow. It is absolutely essential that I have working WiFi or else I'll lose out on business.


This is such a disappointing way to start the year. Is there anyone who can assist?


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Hi TashaSN


How are you getting on following the engineer visit?




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Hi TashaSN


Thank you. I can see that an Openreach engineer visit has already been arranged for 06/01 AM (8am - 1pm)



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Hi Debbie,


I have added it under "Alternative Phone Number", although I don't own a landline set so don't use this part of the service.

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HI TashaSN


I'm really sorry to hear this.


Please can you add your TalkTalk landline number to your Community Profile, we can then take a look at this for you.




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That's great, thank you. I've just gone to try one final time before bed, and a request has now gone through for an engineer to come between 8am-1pm on Saturday (although there weren't any weekend appointments available on the calendar and I'm aware they aren't classed as a "business day"). 


It now says "We are assigning an engineer to your case. We will update your fault tracker once this is done.". I hope this will go through properly, however it did still say Friday when I went to rebook, so I'm dubious as to the suggestion of a Saturday appointment.


This case may be resolved depending on what I hear back.


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Thanks for the added information. The support team can check tomorrow from their end. Make sure that your personal details including TalkTalk phone number and/or account number are complete on your community profile (click here) if you haven't already done so.



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Hi Ferguson,


Thank you for getting back to me. 


I have run the Speed and Connection tests. I have also reset the device both from the power socket and through the power button to no avail. The result of the Fault Tracker was as follows:


"We've run a test and found a fault that requires an Openreach Engineer to visit your home.

Please book as soon as possible."


Is there anything I can do to fix it myself without an engineer required?

To add: I have the Huawei-DG8041W, which states the software is up to date.

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First of all, TalkTalk domestic services aren't intended for running a business from home.


Second, you haven't mentioned what, if any tests you have conducted internally by recourse to the help pages, which is always advisable before progressing to an engineer visit which could be chargeable.


Finally, this has been escalated to the support team here for you and they will respond as soon as they can, hopefully tomorrow morning.