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How do we complain?

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Hi folks,


Following on from my last post, I've now had my Future Fibre 65 installed aftwr a 3 week delay.


I'm now trying to get my free upgrade to 150 sorted, which is turning into a right pain.


Everyone who I've called has been unable to help me, again just passing me round through departments. Eventually someone mentioned that there was now an issue with my account, an extra, inactive fibre 65 plan. I asked why it was there, the agent responded with "technical glitch" and now that would need to be resolved before my upgrade - which they told me would be ANOTHER 5-7 days!! 


That was the last straw, so I then tried to make a complaint to get one of the complaints managers to contact me. Not only will none of the agents file a complaint for me, the complaints department won't even take my call when they try to pass me through! It either cuts off on me, orif the agent im speaking to tries to transfer me through, the tech support agent comes back on and simply tells me that they won't take my call.


How on earth do I file a complaint?? Regular customer services can't do it as its a future fibre account, and then someone gave me a 0870 number which charge you an access fee and a minute rate! I was kept on hold for over 30mins atleast twice today already, so I'm not prepared to pay money for that.


If anyone can offer any help or advice it would be greatly appreciated - I'm tearing my hair out with frustration!


Many thanks


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Thanks @Arne-TalkTalk , I'll be honest i dont particularly want to call as that will be another merry-go-round of talking to different agents and giving the same information every time. Can you arrange for someone who is familiar with the case notes or a manager of some sort to call me to get this completed in a simple conversation? I just want to speak with someone about it without being passed around a load of different departments again, as that has gotten me absolutely nowhere so far.


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So the stuck order has been cleared, I dont have the ability to place the upgrade order for you as there has been a change in sales policy where a copy of the agreement has to be sent to you and acknowledged, So i would suggest that you call us on  03451720088 and request the upgrade. 

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Morning @Arne-TalkTalk , that's great news if true!


The offer was future fibre 150 for the same monthly cost as my current fibre 65 (this can be confirmed by looking at all of the account notes and case notes etc on my account.  It's a data-only plan I have with no phone line

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HI ccampbell949


It looks like this might actually be fixed now, the upgrade to 150 can now be made. What where you offered? 



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@Arne-TalkTalk , i originally posted this on the 6th June, it's now the 27th July. Is there anyway to get this sorted please? Why is this taking so long? What is still the issue? You keep coming back to say no progress, no progress, well how do we go about getting some actual progress on this? I can't help but feel i'm being fobbed off

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Hi @Arne-TalkTalk , has there been any progress on this?


Support Team
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I don't know what they delay is I'm sorry,  I've laid it out step by step where the fault is and what they need to do to fix it clearly there is something major wrong at the backend. 


When I get a reply you will be the first to know.


Sorry again 


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Morning @Arne-TalkTalk , has there been any progress on this? I fell like I'm spinning my wheels a bit here as there has been no progress over the last few weeks....Can I ask what the delay is?


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Morning @Arne-TalkTalk , do you have any updates on this?


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Thanks. Ok, do you have any idea how much longer this will take? It's now been over a month to try and get this sorted. 


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Morning @Arne-TalkTalk , has there been any progress on this since Monday? Thanks


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Morning @Arne-TalkTalk , has there been any progress on this from Monday?


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Sadly nothing has changed,   im trying to get an further escalation point.

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Morning @Arne-TalkTalk, has there been any progress on this since last Tuesday?




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HI @ccampbell949 I requested an update but sorry still the same.