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Calling all HG633 Router users we have a new trial for you...

Community Manager - TT Staff

Update - 8th January, We've had a great response to our trial however it is now closed to new entries. We'd like to thank everyone who's registered their interest in the trial.

Hey Everyone,

We're working on a significant firmware update for the Huawei HG633 router. It includes improvements to broadband and Wi-Fi as well as bug fixes and we're looking for volunteers to try it out first and feedback on their experience.

What's in it for me?

You'll be helping us ensure we get the experience right for you and the rest of our customers and you'll be entered into a Prize draw to win (on completion of trial) 2 x prizes of £100 worth of Amazon Vouchers

Am I eligible to take part in the trial?

  • Are you a TalkTalk customer?
  • Are you a TalkTalk broadband customer?
  • Do you have a Huawei HG633 router?

If you answered YES to all of the above then you are eligible to take part and we are excited to hear from you!

Interested & Eligible?

Please sign up by the 8th of January as we're starting the trial in the new year - Terms and conditions apply.

What happens next?

  1. The trial is planned to start from the 15th of January.
  2. You will receive a sign up survey with questions about your home set up.
  3. If you are successful in joining the Trial we will notify you via email and roll out the new firmware ( don’t worry you don’t do need do anything, we will do this in the background).
  4. You will then receive a final survey 2 weeks into Trial to gather your overall feedback.
  5. Prize Draw will take place at the end of Trial and winners will be announced via e-mail.


If you have any questions about the Trial, please e-mail with HG633 Firmware Trial in the Subject field.


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Hey everyone, I'm your community manager and resident eco warrior on a mission to end single use plastic and a move away from fossil fuels and not to mention, i'm here to help keep the community ticking over each day.

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Popular Poster

I'm on fibre now so I have a different router with a whole new set of problems !

Community Manager - TT Staff

@stuart_smiles1 It's unlikely we'll be publically sharing our test protocols, however, this firmware has already been through a range of testing prior to making it available to customers.  If you have specific questions about it please address them to the trials team on the above email address. 

Conversation Starter

Hello Stephen,  this will be really interesting for me and maybe for you . . .

I gave up on the HG633 months ago and went back to my HG533 which I find more reliable and gives me better download speeds.

I will connect and start using the HG633 again this weekend and hopefully in the new year will start to see improved figures if i'm chosen for your 'Trials'

Merry Christmas & Regards,

Insightful One

I've signed up, my supplied router is rubbish, after a lot of complaining and arguing it was replaced with another, and again the speed kept dropping to as low as 0.7mb on faster fibre, that was wifi, powerline, and plugged straight into the router. Lots of rows with customer support but no one was able to fix it.  The line was tested again and again and there were no faults found. I bought a used 635 and it has been brilliant.I will put the 633 back in use fingers crossed the firmware upgrade will fix it. I have a long list of speedtest results to show how bad it was.

Popular Poster


Yes I would like to participate in any trails for Hg633 which I use 


Community Team - TT Staff



Thanks for your comments. Please address any specific questions about the trial to the trials team, if you're experiencing problems with your service can you start a thread in the appropriate support section and we'll be happy to help 🙂


Wizz Kid

Please can we confirm even though we've had all the HG633 trial emails that not everyone will be picked for the trial update? It's confusing. I thought as soon as we had the initial email that I would be part of the trial but an email today says otherwise?

Community Star

Same here.  It would be nice to see that trial is under way. Also nice to get a mail to say a person (Like me), was not selected. Or at least a message on this forum to say those selected are now testing the firmware, and if you did not get a mail then you were not selected.



Community Team - TT Staff



If you have any questions about the Trial, please e-mail with HG633 Firmware Trial in the Subject field.



Insightful One

First failure!!!!!!!!


19/01/18       15.50       ping 9   download  22.68    upload   5.38

20/01/18       1702        ping 9   download  13.21    upload   5.33

20/01/18       1731       ping 15  download   3.59     upload   4.38

20/01/18       1742       ping   9  download   1.79     upload   4.06

20/01/18       1745       loss of internet

20/01/18       1749      router swtched off, then retsarted

20/01/18       1752       ping  9  download 22.71     upload   5.37


No problems with calls or noise on phone line.