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Calling all HG633 Router users we have a new trial for you...

Community Manager - TT Staff

Update - 8th January, We've had a great response to our trial however it is now closed to new entries. We'd like to thank everyone who's registered their interest in the trial.

Hey Everyone,

We're working on a significant firmware update for the Huawei HG633 router. It includes improvements to broadband and Wi-Fi as well as bug fixes and we're looking for volunteers to try it out first and feedback on their experience.

What's in it for me?

You'll be helping us ensure we get the experience right for you and the rest of our customers and you'll be entered into a Prize draw to win (on completion of trial) 2 x prizes of £100 worth of Amazon Vouchers

Am I eligible to take part in the trial?

  • Are you a TalkTalk customer?
  • Are you a TalkTalk broadband customer?
  • Do you have a Huawei HG633 router?

If you answered YES to all of the above then you are eligible to take part and we are excited to hear from you!

Interested & Eligible?

Please sign up by the 8th of January as we're starting the trial in the new year - Terms and conditions apply.

What happens next?

  1. The trial is planned to start from the 15th of January.
  2. You will receive a sign up survey with questions about your home set up.
  3. If you are successful in joining the Trial we will notify you via email and roll out the new firmware ( don’t worry you don’t do need do anything, we will do this in the background).
  4. You will then receive a final survey 2 weeks into Trial to gather your overall feedback.
  5. Prize Draw will take place at the end of Trial and winners will be announced via e-mail.


If you have any questions about the Trial, please e-mail with HG633 Firmware Trial in the Subject field.


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Hi, didnt know till today about the past router upgrade and need it desperatly. the unit constantly drops out from full signal to nothing, very poor, we swapped from bt to save money, not wifi coverage! to say its disappointing doesnt cover it, is there any way of getting this router updated?...please?...anyone?......

Community Star

Hi @Timson  If you'd like the TalkTalk Community support team to offer individual help with your router I find it's best to Start a Topic of your own.  Community works best with one topic, one owner, one answer.  To Start a Topic in Help with your TalkTalk Service (Broadband) Click here.


Insightful One

I had no end of problems with the 633, after many arguments with "tech" and a useless replacement I bought a used 635 on Gumtree. It gives an increase from 22 to 27 download speed and just does what it should without any problems. I have put the 633 back into use for the trial to see if the upgrade cures the problem. 



Community Team - TT Staff

Hi Timson,


If you still need assistance can you start a thread in the broadband section as Gondola suggested and we'll be happy to help



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why has this taken all these months and still no sign of it being totally redone? it takes a week max to do the firmware from scratch and say 2-4 weeks max testing and the fact customers are helping wit the testing phase should make it quicker.


What exactly is the hold up? please dont say its complicated as I know the procedure used by most. Are the people teams doing it learning how to first? some copy write or other peoples backdoor worries? seriously? why is this taking so long? the hardware like with the dlink is good and only 2 or 3 internal parts that can be messed with but only as they common parts and on the shodaneese public search sites. Please dont tell me your trying to change that info??? lol it cant be as is burned into the parts 😛 however can be masked but thats beyond even me and in long run equipment with shodaneese burnt in parts hidden with code (software) will get targeted with some overflow variant. So only thing I can think of thats taking this so long is the whole Talk Talk network is being made ready to handle that 😛


Please dont delete this as this is me genuinely wanting to know why this is taking so long and the above info is not meant to sound negative with me saying 2 or 3 parts blueprints (front back and celler doors) are public knowledge and shared via script kiddy sites like most internal parts info is, just at time of sharing and even now most think its just benign info that cane be used in exploity way. 


Well let us know 🙂



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why has this taken all these months and still no sign of it being totally redone? it takes a week max to do the firmware from scratch and say 2-4 weeks max testing and the fact customers are helping wit the testing phase should make it quicker.

Moderator Note: Post is shortened to the essential point.

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The HG633 is an amazing piece of equipment and its probabdly only the firmware (software) that lets it down (like all Talk Talk routers). Agree with the wifi being poor range 100%, the Dlink super router is much better range with wifi so this should also be as not much difference between them. I tried all sorts with mine apart from doing my own firmware and nothing I did made any difference. Will be down to missconfigured or just plain bad coding with the firmware. Is Realtek on both the wifi components so not hard to sort out unless its bad antenna or placement of the antenna inside it. Would have kept running it hrew simulations to find out why if never lost interest in it and got the dlink.


May not be the firmware as with this one Talk Talk cant be held responsible for its flaws as Hauwie are well known for their bad antennas.over other brands.


EDIT I expect a responce to why this is taking so long after editing my opinion on why it would be taking so long and when its done it had better be on par with WRT firmware with allsorts of extras and if its not I have no words for it as even when using the gawk flex dos2linux process that does it all for you it would never take so long, hence why I posted what I posted that has now been removed 😛 

Community Star

I offered my HG633 router for the trial and have experienced 6 weeks of rock-solid performance. Roll-out to customers will be done in phases. Just be patient, leave remote management enabled, and your router will be upgraded.

Insightful One

I also took part in the same trial and had repeated loss of download speed, on one occaision down to 0.45 mb it has never been so bad. Over the trial I had to restart my router three times to regain any speed.The software upgrade is no silver bullet, you may even be better off without it.



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Can some who got the new firmware or OCE say what was changed in it?