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Check & Report just got better

Beat the scammers
Community Manager

Since launching Check & Report it’s been a great success in helping us to beat the scammers, empowering our members to report numbers which are then investigated by our security team who then block the numbers on our network meaning that the act of one member reporting a scammer could positively impact each and every one of our 4 million customers by preventing them from being called by the scammer.robot.pngour new reCAPTCHA box in Check & Report

We’ve been listening to your feedback over the past few months and one suggestion was coming across loud and clear and that was to remove the need to login into the community before reporting a number. We’ve been busy working hard to make this a reality and I’m excited to share the news that this functionality was launched this week, to help with spam mitigation we have added reCAPTCHA to the report page but this is just to confirm your not a robot


How to report a number

  1. Head over to check & report
  2. Enter the number of the scammer in the search box at the top of the page
  3. Tell us a little about the call
  4. Check the “I’m not a robot” box and select Submit

That’s it, your done…

About StephenF

Hey everyone, I'm your community manager and resident eco warrior on a mission to end single use plastic and a move away from fossil fuels and not to mention, i'm here to help keep the community ticking over each day.

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Community Team

@StephenF Great news Stephen 🙂


Insightful One

Best thing nower days as the old people can do it with out much issue of remmbering there login details  or can enter it while they still can remmmber it