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How to spot a Christmas shopping scam

Fake deals, trick surveys & bogus gift cards: How to spot a Christmas shopping scam Scammers, fraudsters, and phishers take advantage of every season. But the Christmas shopping season – which include...


Purchase scams

Purchase scams are now the most common online scam type affecting the UK. In 2020, UK citizens reported a staggering £57.1 million of losses to purchase scams. You need to be particularly careful of p...


4 steps to take if your email has been pwned

If your email account has been compromised – often called being ‘pwned’ - then your personal information is in danger. This article guides you on what to do next and provides some top tips on how to a...


How to keep your money safe when shopping online

Safe online shopping is made difficult by scam websites, viruses, and hackers. Find out below how you can keep your money safe while shopping online. While convenient, online shopping isn’t always saf...


How to stay safe online on the run up to Christmas

Brits are starting their shopping earlier this year following warnings from major retailers, including Smyths Toys, that there could be a shortage of stock in the run up to Christmas. Some people may ...


New 159 fraud hotline

A new emergency hotline has been launched for people to report and check financial scams as they happen Anyone who receives a call or message from someone claiming to be from a trusted organisation an...


All you need to know about FluBot Android malware

FluBot is a new Android malware that steals your passwords, personal details, banking and login information to your online accounts. The information is used to make payments (in other words steal your...


Don’t catch the FluBot!

One of the things on the rise over the past year while we’ve all been working from home and staying local, is home delivery. From groceries, clothes and takeaways, most areas of delivery services have...


Avoiding COVID-19 Scammers

As concern around the Coronavirus has grown, unfortunately scammers have targeted mailboxes to see if anyone would fall for their usual tricks, using Covid-19 to lure people in. We know that these typ...


What’s the safest way to shop online this Christmas?

The festive season is under way and this year more than any other, emotions are generally running high; money may be tight and there are more distractions than usual. As we all take advantage of the g...


Fake messages from Instagram used to hack profiles

Cyber criminals are constantly coming up with new ways to trick people into giving away personal information, as well as using tried-and-tested methods to gain access to people's website credentials a...


Watch out for scammers claiming to be Amazon

Scammers are calling customers, pretending to be contacting on behalf of Amazon, in an attempt to get hold of shoppers personal information. We’d like to share some tips on what to look out for, and h...


How to stay secure in 2020

Now that we're into the new year, you may be thinking about your priorities for the coming twelve months; whether it's saving for a rainy day, losing a little weight or trying Veganuary. But have you ...


How to stay safe from scam callers

At TalkTalk, we work hard to stop our customers losing money to scam callers. Part of our work is to understand how scam calls work, and the methods that scammers use to trick people into handing over...


Scammers target Thomas Cook customers with fake refunds

Scammers are calling Thomas Cook customers to offer fake refunds in an attempt to trick people into handing over their bank details and other personal information. Following the news of the company go...


Latest Automated Scam warning

The word scam is part of our everyday language, but what is a scam? It's defined in the dictionary as an illegal way of making money, usually by tricking people. Scams have been around for ages, but t...


Don't take the bait on National Fish and Chip Day

You wouldn’t let a thief enter your home, but what if the thief was masquerading as someone familiar, such as a postman, and tricked you into opening the door? Phishing works in a similar way - people...


Don't get caught!

Email Scams known as phishing are used by fraudsters to try and trick you into revealing personal information. The term 'phishing' is a play on the word fishing because criminals dangle a fake bait ho...


Check & Report just got better

Since launching Check & Report it’s been a great success in helping us to beat the scammers, empowering our members to report numbers which are then investigated by our security team who then block th...


Protecting Yourself from Airbnb Scams

If you’re taking a trip to a new city and plan to use Airbnb then you need to be aware of the scams taking advantage of holidaymakers and how to spot them. It's easy to see why almost one in five Brit...


Phishing email scams: how to protect yourself

Some emails can look like they’re from a legitimate organisation, but later turn out to be part of a scam designed to steal your money. Phishing scams are becoming increasingly common as fraudsters th...


About Beat the scammers

Phone and email scams are on the rise and affecting millions of people and businesses across the UK. Over 2.5 million households received a scam call in the last month and latest ONS crime figures sho...