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Welcome our 2017 Stars

Community Team - TT Staff

We’ve recently completed our annual review of the most active users on our Community who also have a high number of likes and best answers and we’re pleased to welcome our stars of 2017. Our stars have spent a combined 24901 hours online, with 15429 likes  and a whopping 3178 best answers.


So without further ado please meet our new stars for 2017……





Anker joined the community back in 2009 and has provided a huge amount of support to our members. Anker has created over 3,800 posts and has received over 700 likes. He also spends a lot of time providing support in the Home Phone Section.




Bestmanx has been around since 2011 and has been proven to be an invaluable member of our Community. With over 1,400 best answers, 12,500 posts and 3,800 likes, Bestmanx has provided a huge amount of support.





eebdsirhc joined back in 2012 and has created over 11,500 posts, received more than 3,400 likes and has authored 737 best answers. One of the forums most experienced silver surfers, with over 50 years worth of experience in the IT industry.




Ferguson joined the Community back in 2013 and has authored 12,800 posts, 2,700 likes and 451 best answers. You’ll find ferguson helping out in most areas of the Community.





Fr8ys has been around since 2013 and his background includes being a project manager for a dedicated IT system. He is also interested in all things PC and Tech. You’ll mainly find Fry8ys in the TV and Supersafe boards but he also offer support in other areas of the community. To date fr8ys has created 1500 posts, 390 likes and 63 best answers.




Has been a member since 2013, has created over 850 posts and provides a huge amount of support in our TV Section. Fre55die also enjoys technology and motorsport as a spectator.





Gondola is one of our newest stars, support and advice to our members has been amazing. Gondola received great support from our community when first joining so is now helping others in return. Gondola has a background in broadcasting and telecommunications.




Joined in 2015, our only UFO Star has already created 90 posts. You’ll mostly find Joey providing advice and support in the UFO sections of our Community. He is a technical engineer who works in the development and maintenance of industrial IT and machine control systems. He is also one of the original testers of UFO in York and is also a Linux and F1 Fan.





Keith joined the community back in 2014 and has provided a huge amount of support including help guides, to our ADSL and Fibre broadband customers. With over 10,000 posts, 3,400 likes and 281 best answers, Keith is a very active and supportive member of our Community. Keith has worked for one of the largest telecoms companies for over 20 years as a Datacoms and IP networking engineer in the commercial sector, and also numerous years as a technical support specialist dealing with all aspects of IP networking, including routers, switches, protocol converters/gateways etc.



As our Community continues to grow, our Stars will continue to play an important role in helping us make our community great and provide invaluable advice and support to queries.


For more information about our community stars scheme, visit our stars hub where you can find out what it's all about and apply to become a star. 

About OCE_Michelle

Hi, I’m Michelle and I’ve worked at TalkTalk for coming up to 13 years. I originally started in provisioning and voice faults and then complaints within our CEO’s Office, however I now mainly deal with broadband, fibre and router faults.

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I sent this letter to Talk Talk today 25th May 2017 20.05
Dear Talk Talk Customer support,
I am now really disappointed and upset by the poor service we are receiving over the last few weeks….    I understand that things do not always go right and problems may occur, however this is now beyond acceptable.
We pay good money for a service which we are not receiving….   This is totally un-acceptable…
I called last night and even though the customer support had to go through the troubleshooting to ascertain if there is something wrong with the connections / modem / etc…  I mentioned to the Customer service person that I had not changed any connections , and all the devices that I use are supplied by yourselves and all the cables are properly into the devices as these always been…. I explained to the Customer service person that the Internet speed is the issue as it is slow and keeps dropping.  This affects me and my family when we are doing some important work online as well as when we are watching TV etc…     Talk Talk promises a Great Service however the speeds that we should be getting are below un acceptable…
Not applicable

Ricardo -


Sorry mate, but these blogs have nothing specifically to do with TalkTalk Customer Support.


A bit messy but ..........  if you click on the "contact us" at the bottom of this page you will get a list of the different support catagories.


But if you click on the "contact us" at the bottom of that page you will see a link to the "Customer Complaint Code". That should give you a mechanism to raise your issues more directly with TalkTalk management.

Community Star

@Ricardo Or if you want support on the forums start your own topic, click here if you have regular Broadband, or here if you have Fibre.

Community Star

Hi  What is latest stable Firmware for HG635.  Present release on my router = 1.06

Is 1.10 stable.  If so can mine be updated.  Is it worth updating since my system is stable

Last question can i have my spare HG633 (supplied by TalkTalk under contract), be replaced with a 3782


Look foreward to replies or suggestions


Not applicable



Paul - this is the blog section of the forums, so is not monitored by the OCE for active customer support requests.


But FWIW - my HG635 is running 1.06 firmware, and is perfectly stable. I don't think 1.10 has been officially released yet, but I have no plans to upgrade.


You will need to post in the support section with regards to your 3782 replecement query.


Community Star

Thanks.   Knew it was in incorrect area after i posted it.

Better visit opticians.



So, where do I go for customer support. I don't find navigation here very intuitive.

I need help with a DSL 3782 router that I want to kill.


After almost a week of bad or nil broadband service, we received a replacement router from TalkTalk, ist a DSL 3782, replacing an HG533.

This new router is proving VERY difficult to set up.

We can't print wirelessly - we could before.

I can't get into the router setup because either/or/both the default username and default passwords are not recognised.


admin / admin doesn't work, neithe does admin and then the router password on the back of the new router (NOT the WiFi password).


I've been around this loop many times now - no success - the router PW has been entered in upper and lower case.


Anyone got any ideas. I get sick of talking to people half a world away where the solution always seems to be that its my fault.

Community Star

@bjones6 Just start a topic in the appropriate Help section, depending on whether you have Broadband, or Fibre Broadband.

Community Star

Where are the 2018 Community Stars?  Anyone seeking a nomination?  It's not a breeze, but if you like helping others you might like the challenge.  Visit the stars hub