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Welcome to our 2018 Community Stars

Community Team

It's that time of year when we complete our annual stars review and recognise the communities top contributors. These guys n gals spend a monumental amount of their own time scouring our boards for questions to answer and people to help. We're uber excited to announce and welcome our 2018 stars, so without further ado please meet our new stars for 2018……






Anker joined the community back in 2009 and has provided a huge amount of support to our members. Anker has created over 4,200 posts and has received over 780 likes. He also spends a lot of time providing support in the Home Phone Section.




Paulshent is one of our newer stars and has already posted 243 posts and gained 55 likes. There hobbies include building there own PC systems and motorcycles.





"Retired analyst working with spreadsheets, databases and customers. I now enjoy cooking, eating, and trying to help others. A new community "star" learning all the time." Divsecs stats include - 267 posts, 133 likes and 3 best answers.




"I don't claim to be an expert of any kind. That's not to say I am not, just that I am always a wee bit suspicious of those who boast about their expertise. Personally, I prefer to keep stuff under my hat. Having said that, I am glad to help in whatever way I can. So don't be afraid of me if you are looking for support. Unless you are a troll, in which case I see you!" Ferguson has created over 17,600 posts, 3795 likes and posted 500 best answers





Fr8ys has been around since 2013 and his background includes being a project manager for a dedicated IT system. He is also interested in all things PC and Tech. You’ll mainly find Fry8ys in the TV and Supersafe boards but he also offer support in other areas of the community. To date fr8ys has created 2347 posts, 610 likes and 100 best answers.




Has been a member since 2013, has created over 2560 posts, has over 540 likes and provides a huge amount of support in our TV Section. Fre55die also enjoys technology and motorsport as a spectator.





2018 is Gondola's second year as a TalkTalk customer and Community Star. Broadcasting, telecoms and media is Gondola's work life. A love of family life, family history research and motorsports and there's still a bit of time to try to provide Best Answers for members as a Super User in the Community support team. Gondola has also created over 11600 posts, created 335 best answers and earned over 3400 likes!




"Now retired, I'm interested in most things computer related, especially spreadsheets, programming and website building. I've been with TalkTalk for about 10 years now, always looking to learn or help where possible. Other interests include watching motor racing, snooker, tennis and golf." Some of Gromits amazing stats - created over 9000 posts and received 63 likes.





Keith joined the community back in 2014 and has provided a huge amount of support including help guides, to our ADSL and Fibre broadband customers. With over 17,000 posts, 6,800 likes and 393 best answers, Keith is a very active and supportive member of our Community. Keith has worked for one of the largest telecoms companies for over 20 years as a Datacoms and IP networking engineer in the commercial sector, and also numerous years as a technical support specialist dealing with all aspects of IP networking, including routers, switches, protocol converters/gateways etc.



As our Community continues to grow, our Stars will continue to play an important role in helping us make our community great and provide invaluable advice and support to queries.

For more information about our community stars scheme, visit our stars hub where you can find out what it's all about and apply to become a star.

About OCE_Michelle

Hi, I’m Michelle and I’ve worked at TalkTalk for coming up to 13 years. I originally started in provisioning and voice faults and then complaints within our CEO’s Office, however I now mainly deal with broadband, fibre and router faults.

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Welcome aboard guys 🙂