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Scam/phishing Emails

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As of fairly recently I have been receiving scam emails 'SUPPOSEDLY' from my own TT email address,  followed by another email address such as today "", I keep reporting these to TT and the government Phishing service, and also to the  McAffee Phishing service.

However they keep coming. It concerns me  that someone has hacked my account, how do I stop it happening, and are they also sending emails purporting to be from me to other people?


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Thanks for the response Gondola. I checked on HIBP and yes my email address appears to have been in a breach somewhere, but where I do not know!

It's all a bit mind boggling for a bear with little brain, but I will continue to forward such scam/phishing emails as I have been and marking as spam and perhaps they will go away.



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Do keep reporting these spoofed mail messages to TalkTalk. There is this new wave of spam that spoofs the recipient email address as the sending email address. In reality the sending envelope is not from you. A lot of this new wave of spam is from Canada.


Your email address is known to these spammers and when that happens there's very little you can do to stop spoofed emails. So long as you don't respond the spoofing will usually stop as quickly as it started. You may like to check on the website which is a legit site that lists known data breaches. After entering your email address if the page turns red then you'll get a summary of data breaches involving your email address. This may give you a feel for how your address became known to spammers assuming you didn't voluntarily, maybe unknowingly, give permission for your email address to be used by others for marketing purposes.


Onliner Spambot malware downloaded by users in 2017 is responsible for a lot of recent spoofed emails.


Let us know what you find in your case. Just a few lines in summary.

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