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Don't post Router security issues here

This board is for general security issues, not router-related security questions. For all things like WPA2/WPA3, AES, Encrypted DNS etc please post in the appropriate board from the list below:- Help with your service > Full Fibre Help with your serv...

Resolved! SuperSafe

Why doesn't SuperSafe work on Chromebooks?

Logging in too acc

get different details,such as someone elses acc num, address and such,and her acc has been disconnected so a dont understand it

Kevano by Visitor
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HI.Looking at my account details I notice I am paying £6.00 a month for supersafe.However when I look at My Security in my account it is not listed with Homesafe,Kidsafe etc.I have two questions, I have a samsung phone and a google chromebook am I sa...

Supersafe won’t install on family member’s phone

I have Supersafe re-installed on my phone and have added three other devices successfully. One iPhone 13 Pro however will not install. Message comes up saying subscription expired , try again once renewed.Have tried uninstalling/ re-installing, trued...

Sven727 by Newbie
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Kids safe not working!

I have used kids safe successfully over the last few years checking the various boxes of subjects which I wish to be inaccessible to my children ( such as things as, pornography, weapons, drugs, self harm). I have been able to turn it on and off succ...

Antivirus Scan Issue

I regularly run an antivirus scan on Supersafe but recently it just starts then finishes straight away. The last time a scan was performed was 10/04/24. Is this the latest way the system works or should I be concerned?

Talk Talk - Homework time- needs to have multiple times a day

When will talk talk upgrade Homework time to add specific times at multiple times of the day? I am considering leaving talk talk. Technically given it’s adding to existing feature should be easy to do. Customers have been wanting this for ages come o...

JaneC3 by First Timer
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Scam Protection & Security settings

I am not able to get into my security and change settings, it now just keeps going round trying to sell me SuperSafe and telling me to download the Eero App to manage security. I have downloaded the App and it still wont allow me to make security cha...

KJC2561 by First Timer
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supersafe reinstall after tablet reset to factory settings

hello there ! I have encountered this problem before some while ago when resetting the laptop to factory settings the last time and ended up having to involve you guys to help me out , you should be able to download from your account but the dashboar...

Homesafe on mobiles

Helloi I have set up Homesafe and it successfully blocks adult sites on our laptops but it is not blocking sites when using a mobile (on the house wifi). Any idea what I’m doing wrong? Thanks 

Nothings easy on Talktalk

I've bought super safe today, only to have it suspended immediately,? Due to payment, but checked my account details which are correct. Waiting for f secure email to arrive with password. Spent a great deal of time going around in circles, several ti...

MaSTT by First Timer
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First call received….

Recently re-signed to TT broadband.Just wondering if receiving first attempted scam telephone call since, has anything to do with this?Not in, so answerphone activated.Still have Callsafe protection so caller hung up without speaking.Checked number 0...

Homework Time is really poor

I did set Homework Time from 6pm till 7pm. Fine, it is working.Then my wife came asking me if I can change it the other way round, ie. from 7pm till next day 6pm. Ultimately it means NO homework time between 6pm-7pm. You will get technical error when...

Alex_TT by Team Player
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Scam/phishing Emails

As of fairly recently I have been receiving scam emails 'SUPPOSEDLY' from my own TT email address, followed by another email address such as today "", I keep reporting these to TT and the government Phishing service, and ...


How can I change my Wi Fi security setting to WAP3 Personal (AES)?

ATHRAWES by First Timer
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Deleting computer from supersafe account

I have disposed of a couple of computers and I need to delete them from my supersafe account. The computers have been destroyed but appear on my account each taking up a licence. How can I delete them.

bobbii by Popular Poster
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Can't change HomeSafe security settings

Since early December 2023 I have been unable to change HomeSafe settings within the security section of My Account.My Account>My SecurityThere was a technical errorWe’re sorry and working hard to resolve this. Please try again later.How do I fix this...

YIMann by First Timer
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Spam message ?

I got a message about my security no good supposedly from you is his right

Weak security

My iPad says I have weak security and need to configure my router, how do I do this?

Cazbri by First Timer
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Supersafe on Android in funny state

Here a couple of screenshots from my Android phone. Status messageSupersafe dashboard I am a little concerned that the status message says "PROTECTION IS OFF", while dashboard says "device is protected". Which one do I believe?