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Super safe updates

The message My Antivirus database is out of date keeps appearing. The updates have been received but are either pending or not installed.


swapped over from broadband to full fibre 3 weeks ago which is excellent tendays ago i asked to add supersafe to my account for half price they sent email saying i agreed to there was no mention on my account they never sent anything link from fsecur...

biggie65 by First Timer
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SuperSafe Failed installation

Windows 7 Home Premium Edition + SP1: Intel Core i5 processor"MyAccount" shows "SuperSafe" activated with several licenses including Windows 7 laptop. Laptop shut-down and unused for a couple of weeks while away from home. On re-starting Banking Prot...

VicF47 by Chat Champion
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Nothings easy on Talktalk

I've bought super safe today, only to have it suspended immediately,? Due to payment, but checked my account details which are correct. Waiting for f secure email to arrive with password. Spent a great deal of time going around in circles, several ti...

MaSTT by First Timer
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Router Security Issues

Iphone says weak security. Router setting should use WPA3, latest and most secure level, but this not available on router.Replacement router sent and was supposed to be 'Black' but was identical to original and has now packed up anyway. So will be se...

PaulH13 by First Timer
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Account Security

I'm currently using Windows mail which is soon to be phased out and replaced by Microsoft Outlook. To use Outloogenerate I need to generate a password via my email provider otherwise I cannot synchronise my emails.

Johnboyo by Chatterbox
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Supersafe Help Please

I have just subscribed and paid for supersafe I did have it previous however I can not log in I can change password not a problem but I get a message You are currenty not a member of any supersafe account. Please can anyone help? thank you Steve

Morphy6 by First Timer
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Passport Manager

Hi,I have recently got a new tablet. I've tried to get the Talktalk Password Manager to work but I just get the following message. Any help will be appreciated 

Gerro by Team Player
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Firmware update HG633

Hello can someone help me update the firmware on my HG633 my hardware version is H1.01 and my current firmware is V2.00t is there a more current firmware version available.?

Talkinfox by Popular Poster
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