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My firewall settings changed

Hello since a couple of weeks I have been unable to use my work VPN (it uses Fortigate SSL VPN) and all online games. I have performed a reset to factory default and everything seems to work now but I have noticed it has reset the firewall profile to...

TalkTalk router querying cloudcheck multiple times a second

Hi all, I am using a Sagemcom Fast 5364 as my router and I am using a PiHole solution to monitor and control DNS requests on my network, this setup has worked well for over 6 months now, however in the past few days I've noticed some strange behaviou...

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Talk Talk add devise at box

Hi has anyone come across talk talk adding a device at the street box so that if you want to leave you have to pay an engineer?

Cannot report a scam call

Got a 404 error when submitting - TWICE Number: PHONE NUMBER REMOVED FOR SECURITY REASONS My post content is no linger on the clipboard! You need to make this reliable, and easier!!!!! Why is SCAM not in the list of labels?


I cannot access Anydesk via Google search or using the app on my laptop. I urgently need to get back on to it and my IT team have said that it's working fine on their end. I've checked my settings which look like it should be allowed. Any ideas would...