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Hosting a game server

My intention is to eventually host a game server, for now I have it running on the LAN and can connect to the server from a virtual machine, my problem is I can not currently even ping my public IP address (respond to pings turned on in router) let a... blocked after router restart

I have been using RemoteUtilites service to remote access a pc I use for CCTV cams for ages with no problem. However, today I restarted my home router and now I cannot access the service. Just so you know, Scam Protection and Kids Safe are both turne...

Nigel247 by Participant
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how to tun off Homesafe

I need to turn off Homesafe to allow remote access to my laptop to fix an issue . How do I do this? There isn't a option to turn it off completely.


HI, Just looking at my wifi router admin settings and saw this: GUEST_TALKTALKDE2E87 SSID - what is this is it a security threat?? i DONT want to be sharing my router with my neighbours.