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TV Support

For help with your TalkTalk TV box, channels and apps.

Charged for a free service

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  • Hi I have a contract with talk talk and I am being charged for the service of my now tv is it the same thing for anyone else.
  • I'm in trouble with my finances and I'm not sure if I can continue to pay for it now but I don't think I have to pay for it anyway due to the offer of it free on my tv and broadband packages. 
  • Someone please please send me your information about it and help me with it. I know when I signed up for it the offer for the service was going to cost me nothing but I have been charged for it many times now and I really need it back in my account for the bills I have coming up 

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If you wish to discuss your contract and make changes to it you will need to phone and speak to the loyalty team as staff here cannot deal with contract issues or the cost of the contract.


Try phoning 0345 172 0088

Opening Hours can be found here -

Please remember to mark Solved Posts with Best Answer. Doing so helps other customers and saves TalkTalk's Support Team time by only looking at unsolved topics. Thanks, Steve (a fellow customer).