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For help with your TalkTalk TV box, channels and apps.

HELP PLEASE I have lost all my usual channels

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went into setting to re-scan my channels was unable to choose a TV area but it scanned and I am now left with channels 831-999      and my usual channels are missing in fact none of the ones I have now were on my guide list.      What have I done wrong and how can I get my normal channels back in time for Emmerdale tonight!!!!!!!


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Which box do you have?


The following advice is generic and if it does not help then we may be able to offer more advice depending on the box 


Check the aerial cables are in place by removing them and reinserting.


Rescan channels.


If that does not work, put the aerial directly into the TV and scan channels. To you get them on the TV? If so let us know as your box may be faulty.


If you get no channels on your TV then your aerial will have developed a fault and you will need to consult a local engineer to get it sorted.


As for Emmerdale, if your internet apps are still working you should be able to catch up later in the evening.


Hope this helps.

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