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For help with your TalkTalk TV box, channels and apps.

New hub

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Tried to get my new hub working but nothing works. TV remains dead. Hub is on, remote is on. I thought it was a case of unplugging my old talk talk box and plugging in new one. I'm fairly elderly and don't understand what I'm supposed to do! Help!!!


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If there is nothing showing on your TV this could be one of 2 issues.


Have you connected the HDMI lead from the old box to the new one? If so check the lead at both the box and and TV as it may be a loose connection.


Secondly, it may be that the TV has not switched to the input source associated with the HDMI lead attached to the box. Use the source button on your TV remote to ensure the HDMI source is selected.


It is normally a question of swapping leads from one box to the other. Just double check all are in place.


Hope this helps get you up and running. If not please post back.

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