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Problems with Talktalk tv plus box not recording on E4

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We like to record Married at first sight Australia on E4 however it nearly always fails to record. Occasionally other programmes on Channel 4 fail to record but E4 seems to fail almost all the time. I have tried resetting the box etc but to no avail…… any suggestions please.


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Unfortunately this has been going on for well over a year now and YouView found the issue to be with the signal being transmitted by the transmitter owners.


There was supposed to be a fix being applied but there has been no sign of it.


Can you get the programme on 4s catch-up app? If so that's probably the way to go when a recording fails, but the downside is not being able to skip the adverts.


Others found that the +1 channels would record. Maybe set up a recording to see if this works, then delete the recording request on E4.

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