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TV 4K charges

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I've had the older Talk Talk box for years and despite its slowness it is acceptable. I have always paid £2 per month for it. Reviewing the latest bill after end of contract in December, TV boosts are shown as inactive but I am being charged £5 per month for 4K TV. This does not appear on my list of applicable boosts/ service charges, only on the bill. I don't want the new box as it sounds poor.  Should I be charged the £5?

Mary Beech

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Thanks. Yes, it was at a discount - actually we paid £3 with a £2 discount. I'll get my haggling boots on!

Mary Beech

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You would have had it at a discount more likely  - the new 4K box is a monthly rental charge. 


You could try a haggle, but you will need to use Chat or phone.  Similarly if you wish to stop using it. It's not a boost, so has to be done by customer services (not forum staff), @Trees1.

Gliwmaeden2, a fellow customer.