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Incorrect bill

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I have just been moved to Talk Talk from Shell/Octopus and received my first bill.  It is totally incorrect, charging me £41.01 instead of £27.59.  The actual bill is incomprehensible, so I don’t know what I’m being charged for.  I spent more than 2 hours online yesterday trying to sort this out and was assured I will only be charged the lower amount.  Today the bill remains at £41.01.


Can anyone sort this out for me?




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Hi FredBloggs7


The billed amount has been modified as it looks like the calls discount failed, this has since been fixed, so you are no longer being charged for evening and weekend calls. If you can log into My Account you will see the new amount in the transaction history section. 


There is also a complaint raised so the complaints team will take over for any other questions you have. 




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As I mentioned on your other thread on a separate topic, once a bill has been produced it can't be changed, but if found to be incorrect any refund will be offset on your next bill.


Could it be pro rata from the time of transfer and include the next month as TalkTalk bills a month in advance, and your last bill with Shell being less maybe?


Staff here will look into this for you shortly.

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