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No service for 3 years but still being charged.

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2021 I switched to full fibre as was told it was a better package and service.

Talktalk sent their contractor (openreach) out and removed the copper wire and then had issues with the fibre.

The contractors stated they would return but never did.

I contacted talktalk and they said they couldn't complete the switch so will need to remain on the copper wire (which had been removed).

To date, I've been on the phone to talktalk for many hours in total but each without resolve.

They (talktalk) credited my account with several months of my payments without service with a promise of having the situation resolved, which it hasn't.

They mentioned that I needed to continue to pay of they would start legal proceedings against me (I have never had an issue here).

I am not the user of the intended service, the intended user is a vulnerable person which I am supporting. I need this issue resolved and a refund of the entire duration.

I never wanted to use this publicly but it's a request for help.


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Hi stuartmoore79


Since the service went off , has another engineer been sent? 


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I am the account holder, but been provided no support in the issue, their only concern was me paying.


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@stuartmoore79, are you the account holder?


If not, you will need to have Power of Attorney  / Authority to Act. Not sure if being a "nominated user" is enough, so wait to see what staff advise. 


I'll move this to the billing section for you. 


Staff respond during the day, Monday to Friday. 

Gliwmaeden2, a fellow customer.