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TT contract expires 19th April 2024….

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Have received an email advising of offers available to extend contract for another 24 months, 'option available for you is to move onto a new, matching Fibre 35 contract for £26.00 per month for another 24 months, with this plan, you can enjoy average download speeds of 38Mb/s’.

When going to account this is shown as Renew Fibre 35 at a higher rate of £34 a month.


How do I sign up for offer shown as £26 a month?


Confused by what is stated on downloaded info after it is stated includes landline...

Add-on product prices, i.e., Unlimited UK Calls or SuperSafe Online Security, are not itemised as part of this

Contract Information but are included in the total.  


Does this mean Broadband and landline only or does it include Unlimited Calls?


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Hi tinkerbell//40


I can see that you have renewed. 


Thank you for staying. 


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Thanks Gliwmaeden2

As I only have one device attached to broadband, and live alone, this  Fibre 150 seems a bit more than I need.

Not sure this eeoros is required, have spoken with someone who had thsinstalled by another provider, it went wrong shortly after installation and had to be replaced by an alternative device as engineer couldn’t get it to work correctly.


Perhaps if I continue for next 24 months on current Fibre 35, there will be better systems available by then.



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It all depends on your individual needs, @tinkerbell//40.


How much equipment is currently dependent on the use of the landline? The landline will have to go sometime in the coming years.


I don't like the sound of the Eeros myself - too technically complicated for me but that is pure personal taste. 


The Sagemcom Hub2 also allows phone calls but you would need to check whether it can be provided with this package. It's far simpler to use.



Gliwmaeden2, a fellow customer.

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Thanks for the replies


Used Chat...


Deal offered for Fibre 35 is £26, although offered Fibre 150+line rental+ additional equipment on a 24 month contract for £27.00.

This seemed a very good deal, until I was provided with further information….. must admit a lot to take in and beyond my knowledge.

Any plus points and minus points to consider before moving to Fibre 150?

Your package will come with a eero router this is generally charged on or around £109.00 however this will be free with this upgrade, a free digital voice adaptor and a free engineer install to ensure your services work as they should
Highest Download-153.0
Minimum Guaranteed Download-120.0

If you move to one of our Full Fibre services, you'll lose access to your current landline and your broadband will be provided either as a Digital Voice (VoIP).

Signing up to a digital voice and data package means that the internet is used to make calls, but as your landline is being disconnected, any connected alarms, extensions sockets and devices will no longer work. This includes any health monitoring, fall pendants and medical alarms and devices that use your landline, as well as any extension sockets and home security systems. You'll also need to move your landline phone plug from the wall socket to our router (or our adapter) and only phones connected to that router socket will work.

The Eero router is our most latest hubs, Full Fibre networks will be offered to all our customers and will be in every household. The eero devices can be used on their own as a single gateway device or, for increased coverage, they are designed to operate with additional eero devices to form a Mesh network.
There will most likely be little to no disruptions

A mobile phone is required to set up and operate the eero device as it requires an app to be installed.
When you download the eero app you will be asked to agree to the Amazon eero Terms and Conditions. Please ensure you also read their Privacy Policy.

This does not need to be done now

Just to advise you only the main phone will be connected

There is an added benefits as you can all the landline qualities on your mobile

TalkTalk Digital Voice App
With the Digital Voice App Full Fibre broadband customers can use their mobile phone to make and receive calls with their TalkTalk landline number. Just like your home phone , the app uses standard TalkTalk call rates and any Calling Boosts you have added to your account. Unlike the landline though, it can also be used from anywhere, whether in your home, outside or abroad. It does use mobile data, so charges from your mobile provider will apply if not on Wi-Fi.


Currently have two telephones connected to my landline, am a very new smartphone user (iPhone).


Would appreciate any comments before deciding which way to go.




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Hi tinkerbell//40


Sorry that you are having problems


Best option would be to call the loyalty team on 03451720088 The will be able to see what options are available


Sorry for any inconvenience caused 


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Contract information details don't include add ons. Specifically says so, so don't trust that total.


Best way to get a good deal is by phone or use Chat.


03451 720088 till 7pm.

Gliwmaeden2, a fellow customer.