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Unable to Close Account

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In November 2023, I closed my TalkTalk Landline & Internet account.  This was done successfully.

I had always paid my bills by direct debit and had assumed that any correspondence I received through the post referred to this account.


However, at the start of this year I noticed that I was receiving invoices in the post for LeisureUKTalk under a different account number.   I cannot log onto this account online and have tried to close the account by phone & via live chat but despite being given assurances I continue to receive invoices for this account.  I have been told that as the account number is 8 digits long starting with 0300, that the account is a mobile account.  I have never owned a mobile phone and cannot remember requesting this service.  After my last attempt and having found that I have been invoiced for this service for a considerable period, I decided to put in a formal complaint to Talk Talk.  I am still waiting for a response.


Has anyone experienced anything similar & in you have how did you resolve the issue?


Any help would be much appreciated.





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Hi Theresa43


I've never heard of LeisureUKTalk,  if it was a part of onetel and a mobile account sadly there is nothing we can do  here on the community we don't have access to their old systems , there are notes on your old account from February advising calling TT mobile Onetel team on - 03451720048.


Did you call it?




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OK,  I'll wait to see what response I get before cancelling the DD.


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If you simply cancel the Direct Debit before this is sorted out, @Theresa43, you run the risk of extra charges for a failed DD and a poor credit history.


Also, if you are due any money back, it's best leaving the DD in place as you use these details to move any refund in My Account to your bank.


There may well be historical reasons for this muddle. I'll move this to the billing section of the forum. 


Staff should be able to investigate from there, but will not respond over the weekend. Look out for a reply Monday to Friday. 

Gliwmaeden2, a fellow customer.

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Hello Gondola,


Thank you for your response which will be particularly useful especially as I have been told on a few occasions by Talk Talk agents that this was a mobile account. 


My landline account was disconnected in December 2023.  Embarrassingly I cannot remember being a OneTel customer but it appears that I have been receiving invoices for this account over a considerable period (years not months).


I have tried to close this account on several occasions in recent months.  I think that I have reached the position where I need to ask my Bank to cancel the Direct Debit for this account and wait to see the response from Talk Talk to my complaint.


Thanks again.




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@Theresa43 wrote:...I closed my TalkTalk Landline & Internet account.  This was done successfully. 
I noticed that I was receiving invoices in the post for LeisureUKTalk under a different account number. 

LeisureUKTalk was a OneTel phone tariff so do you still have a landline account active? And for how long have you been billed for the OneTel services? I assume you were a former OneTel customer?


My understanding is that OneTel customers were migrated to TalkTalk in 2019 and all billing would be taken over by TalkTalk.

GondolaCommunity Star 2017-2024

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