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Voucher for recommending a new customer not forthcoming.

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This is at the request of staff member who thinks the thread isn’t mine as it was transferred successfully from another so here are the previous statements.


I recommended a friend to open an account with Talk Talk, which in due course it was and the required period and payment of the first bill paid by the new customer met. On the 1/4/20241 received an email from Talk Talk stating to expect the promised £50 voucher, for the recommendation, from Giftcloud and to contact Giftcloud if the voucher did not materialise within 10 days. I did not and they were contacted and a dialogue opened.

Apparently they have not received the authorisation from Talk Talk to issue this and are still waiting for it 2 days after I received the email from Talk Talk.

If TalkTalk wishes for existing customers to recommend their services they really ought to ensure the promised reward for doing so is forthcoming without any problems. I would like for this issue to be resolved as soon as possible.


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Your £50 Gift Card is on its way.

Congratulations, Adrian. Katharina has now completely switched to Talk Talk, which means you'll now both get your £50 Gift Card.

Your gift card will be emailed from Giftcloud within the next 10 days and must be claimed from them within 150 days of receipt of the voucher.

Look out for an email coming from, and check your junk mail if it'snot arrived. If you have not received an email after 10 days, please contact

In the meantime, why not invite more of your friends and earn more rewards.



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In response to A_R_Moore

2 hours ago

Hi A_R_Moore

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Wasn't the amount for the voucher credited to you by our CEO's office?

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43 minutes ago

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Hi, no it wasn't. There was a £50 credit granted to me for a previous lengthy issue where my account wouldn't open online and, when it did, it did so showing another customer's name and credentials. That was eventually resolved via the complaints dept of Talk Talk hence that £50 by way of compensation.

This is a £50 voucher which was supposedly to be issued by Giftcloud and was for recommending a friend to open a Talk Talk broadband account. I have kept all the emails from TalkTalk and Giftcloud so far but the voucher is yet to materialise.



Copy of credit for poor service attached.

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28 Mar

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As you issue is with the CEO office we cant interfere, Also can you please stop posting on other customers threads as this pushes their issue to the back of the queue. 


Thank you 

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If it's in the hands of the Complaints department, the forum support team can't usually intervene, @A_R_Moore, but I will re-escalate this anyway. 

Gliwmaeden2, a fellow customer.

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Still nothing after nearly two months and Giftcloud now telling me that it may take up to 20 working days (so a month really) again. I was expecting a call from Talk Talk Complaints dept. today but at 19.00 I’m still waiting.

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And still waiting for the voucher or instructions as to how to receive it. I wonder how many who have recommended new customers are having the same problem.

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Thank you, our workflow tool didn't separate your post from the original thread, so now ill escalate this for you.