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Broadband Issues and poor customer service

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Hello Talk Talk community. 

Apologies for the long message although trust me, this is a heavily shortened version of the actual saga we’ve had. I’ve woken up this morning to my broadband having gone down AGAIN and I’m at the end of my tether with Talk Talk so wondered if anyone else had had a similar issue.


- We ‘upgraded’ to Fibre 150 broadband in April of this year and have had constant issues since. Initially, after only a couple of days after the new set up was installed we lost all broadband for a week. Talk Talk we’re informed and sent a new router to install which didn’t fix it. They also sent an engineer out who, in his own words, had “no idea” what was wrong but the broadband came back on so said if I were you “I’d just leave it alone now”!


- The broadband remained working for another week or so and then started dropping out sporadically for a few minutes at a time. This went on for a few weeks so I called up Talk Talk who arranged for an engineer to come out and ‘fix’ it. 

- Over the following months we had several engineers from both Talk Talk and Openreach round, none of whom could find a solution to the issue, and admitted they didn’t know what the issue was. During the visits it was interesting to note the the Talk Talk engineers blamed Openreach and the Openreach engineers blamed Talk Talk. 


- Another thing that was common was that every engineer said they would report back their findings and we would be contacted by Talk Talk but all engineer visits resulted in me having to contact Talk Talk to get an update. 

- I have genuinely lost track how many engineer visits we have had and whilst I used to report/record  every time it dropped out I gave up after it reached approximately 30 times. 

- Both my wife and I work from home and ‘upgraded’ to the better service to make this easier and more efficient however we now seriously regret this decision. My wife works for the NHS and has been rather busy over the last couple of years and the service provided by Talk Talk has been frankly shocking. 

Anyone any suggestions???


Support Team
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I have posted on your other topic on the Community.