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HELP. Mcaffee being blocked by TalkTalk - PC taking ages to load and shutdown.

Whizz Kid
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My desktop Windows 10 PC is taking ages to load, open applications, and shutdown.  Speed test is good so not an issue.  I have spoken to my PC support technician and they said it could be a problem with my anti virus - Mcaffee and to speak to them to sort it out. I could not access my account on their website, but spoke on the telephone.  They tried to dial in and sort the issue but I ended up with a message that it was a virus risk and TalkTalk were putting a block on Mcaffee.  I was told to speak to TalkTalk and get them to adjust their settings so that I could then deal with the issue.   It is extremely difficult to speak on the telephone (must wait until 'office hours' but I cannot afford to spend hours on the telephone tomorrow as I am waiting for an important call.  SO I NEED HELP urgently - to unblock Mcaffee and also advise if there is another issue  with speed of loading applications that may be TalkTalk related.  I am using Community because that is often where I get a quick reply.  


Until  I can sort Mcaffee out, I have no virus protection.  


Has anyone else had issue of this nature?  


Support Team
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TalkTalk do not block mcaffee or any legitimate software, 


If you have an issue with any software on your pc try removing and reinstalling.  Also check there are no other antivirus programs running that may cause a conflict.



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