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Guaranteed Speeds

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I was moved to TalkTalk by Virgin Media, and at the time TalkTalk guaranteed my services would remain the same as that provided by my old ISP. Over the years I have seen my internet speed drop steadily from 7Mbps to 3Mbps but even now I am lucky if I can even attain a speed of 1Mbps! I have raised this issue many times, particularly during the COVID pandemic, and all I was given was a £10.00 Amazon voucher and a promise that my service would be fixed; I can't even use WiFi because the line is so slow. Four years later and I am still waiting, the online speed checker states my guaranteed download speed is now 3Mbps but I am still not getting anywhere near that, so what is going on? I have raised another fault again REP-11242863 and I hope this time something will be done to fix this.


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I'm sorry to hear this. Can I just confirm, does your main socket have a test socket? Is there any noise on the voice service?





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@Roby4532 When TalkTalk acquired Virgin ADSL customers in 2014 you should have been given an option to upgrade to FTTC if available. If not, you would have continued with an equivalent service. Do you know if TalkTalk FTTC (Fibre35/65) is now available to you?


Otherwise, the support team here will be happy to check your connection and may at the very least be able to optimise it in order to improve the speed. 


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The basic package (Fast Broadband) with Talktalk would not be comparable with Virgin's products as they use totally different infrastructure, @Roby4532. FTTC  would give comparable speeds, and FTTP should be very competitive. 


You have not specified which package you are on. That will be helpful for staff  - they will be back after the Bank Holiday. 


Checking speeds in Service Centre, if you are getting below the minimum guaranteed, Talktalk should send out an engineer after running preliminary checks to assess the issue. 

Gliwmaeden2, a fellow customer.