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How do I check status of an engineer visit?

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Sorry if this isn't the right forum - I couldn't find any suitable forum sections (or, at least, I couldn't find any sections within which I could post!)


I'm due an engineer visit, and I thought it was supposed to be today (Saturday, 2nd July).  I gather I was supposed to receive some sort of message (SMS?  email?) to confirm a 3-hour timeslot - but as I write this at ~1:30pm I still have no confirmation of a time slot.  From the searching I've done, I learned that on a Saturday engineers may visit any time until 4pm - it follows that my time slot must therefore be 1pm-4pm assuming that the engineer is actually due today and I've not messed up my dates.


In the absence of any info to confirm a visit and timeslot, I tried to check the status through "My Account", but I can't see where.  A quick Google search suggests I should go to "My Account", then click "Home" and I should be able to check "order status" and check/confirm/reschedule/etc. the engineer visit.  The problem is that while I can get to My Account, I can't see anywhere that says "Home" so can't find the bit where I would check my order status.


Anyone know how to check the status of an engineer visit so I can see if I've got the right date?




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If this is an engineer visit for a repair/fault then you should be able to track this in Service Centre.




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Thanks for the update 🙂 I think it's possible to track this in Service Centre, however I will ask and will post back to confirm.




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Hi @Chris-TalkTalk,


Engineer arrived today 😁  I clearly got my dates mixed up, but the pressure is of now so all's good.


The question still stands though: is there a way to check the status of an engineer visit, so I know for next time... ?




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Hi gutt3d,


How are you getting on, do you still need assistance?



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Hi @Skynet_TX,


No-one turned up today - I must have got the wrong day/date, but no idea how to check 😕  This was to install a Master Socket.


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Hi @gutt3d,


Assuming the engineer never turned up, what was the engineer meant to be coming for ?, i.e. the installation of a new service that you have ordered, or to fix / change something on an existing installation.


The Support Team on this community won't be around until Monday now, so you may get faster support by using the live chat over the weekend, however the Support Team here should respond to this topic early next week to help if you still need them.