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Laptop wifi turned on cuts off other devices

First Timer
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Hi everyone 


I am new to talk talk and currently on day 12 of the mysterious 14 day setup period. So far, things going well - that is until the wifi just cuts out randomly. I can’t seem to see a pattern other than it’s always around 8pm, and ALWAYS cuts out if I dare to turn on my laptop. I can’t even access the internet on my laptop. It says connected, and says internet is present but then any attempt to use the internet results in DNA errors (I don’t know what they mean).
This is literally inhibiting my work at this point and it’s becoming unbearable. As lovely as the support staff were on the chat, I got the impression they didn’t know what the problem was. So - what I am asking is, are these issues I am having symptoms of the 14 day setup period? It would be great if after that period it all runs smooth all the time but based on the severity and frequency at which devices are connecting and disconnecting I’m inclined to be doubtful. Anyone had similar experiences or know anything to put my mind at ease? 

for ref: the devices that use the wifi are: Smart TV, mobile phone, games console and laptop. Not usually being used at the same time but it’s impossible to get them all to connect at once due to the above issue. Wifi hub always shows solid white light, is connected securely and resetting the hub hasn’t solved this problem so far. 



Support Team
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Hi mrwaxwave


I'm really sorry to hear this.


Please can you log into My Account and check to see if HomeSafe/KidsSafe has been switched on?