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Lastest Hub Firmware SG4K100130 : Causes bug that incorrectly displays SNR Margins ?

Whizz Kid
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Hi there,

I just wanted to bring attention , that ever since my TalkTalk Hub/Router ( Sagemcom Fast 5364) updated it's firmware last month. (To the lastest firmware version SG4K100130 ) , I don't think the SNR Margins have been displaying correctly anymore.


It's not too much of a big deal , but it's a nice feature to have working properly , because it gives some indication whether I'm going to have stability problems , if I see heavy noise spikes on the SNR Margins. (Due to some kind of line fault that TalkTalk and BT OpenReach can never really seem to find on my line)

In that regard it's useful , so I know I can avoid online activities that require a constant connection for sessions , if I know stability will be poor if I see fluctuations in SNR during certain periods , until the SNR noise spikes clear up. With the current firmware , I cannot observe this.


With the current firmware the downstream SNR Margin is always displaying at 0 db and the upstream SNR Margin is always displaying at 6 db. These margin values never seem to change.

I know this must be some kind of bug of the router not displaying the values properly , because usually at 0db , I would get constant disconnections , which hasn't been the case.


Also there was a similar bug on a older previous firmware , when we first received the router almost 2 years ago , that the SNR Margins never  showed their true values.

But after updating the router to the next firmware , the SNR display problem was fixed and the Hub showed it's true current SNR Values for the majority of the time we've been using it.


Only after the Hub updated to the lastest firmware last month , the bug involving not showing SNR Margin values correctly , has returned. Now I have no idea what my true SNR Margins are.


I was wondering if this would be fixed again in a future firmware update  ?

Are TalkTalk responsible for future firmware updates , or is it the company that creates the router ?


Does TalkTalk have any say in the matter for fixes in the firmware updates.


If so could you please draw attention about this bug to whoever creates the next firmware update ? Because it's a feature that's very useful to me to be able to see my current SNR Margins to judge stability on a given day.


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Thanks for chasing it up and  letting me know about  , that's good news to hear it will be sorted next patch.  Greatly appreciate it.

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Thanks for raising this to us. Our team have advised that they will look to resolve this in an upcoming version of firmware.




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The team confirmed that they would take a look and am just awaiting an update back from them on this.


Thanks 🙂



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Hi thanks for letting me know again. I did figure the firmware would probably be reupdated again if rolled back.

As far as I can tell the new firmware hasn't had any real impact of the stability or performance of my connection.


Although it is hard to tell , since the nature of my SNR issue is quite variable. But that issue hasn't been playing up too much in the past month or so anyway either at the moment.


Anyway , I guess the SNR issue will be fixed the next newest updated instead , if another one is already being worked on. (Unless they can add an SNR display fix to the upcoming one before it's released ? Maybe they noticed it themselves , even if customers didn't bring it up ?)


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Thanks for the additional information. I've not heard back from the Products Team as yet. We don't roll the firmware back to the previous versions. If the FW was rolled back then it would probably just be updated again automatically. The firmware is automatically updated in batches.


The team are currently in the process of testing a newer version of firmware at the moment and if this is successful this should be rolled out soon. Apart from the SNR issue, is this new FW affecting the overall performance of your connection?





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Hi Michelle ,
Thanks for responding.

I also wanted to ask if it was possible to reinstall the previous firmware on my hub or would that cause problems ?
I just wanted to ask a few questions before we decide.


Is the installation of firmware an automatic process and the systems decide when a customer's router/hub is updated to the lastest firmware or is it a human decision/interaction that one of the talktalk staff/employees will decide when a customer's firmware is updated.


For example if we change the firmware back to the previous version today , will an automatic process just end up reupdating the latest firmware at a later date anyway ?
If that's the case is there no point in rolling back a firmware , or will there be a a measure in place that my hub won't be updated to the current newest firmware ?


Also if I chose to update to the previous firmware (Which doesn't have the SNR Display problem) .
Although I might want to avoid the current newest firmware (Which has the SNR Problem) , if the next future firmware update fixes the SNR Problem , would I be automatically updated to that one in the future ? (I don't mind being updated to the future firmware if it fixes the current SNR problem)


Also if I downgrade to the previous firmware (Where the SNR Margins were display correctly) , is there a risk my router/hub will stop function properly ?
Also is there a huge security risk associated with the previous firmware ? If so is it not advised to reinstall the previous firmware.
I can't remember the version number of the previous firmware , but I think the name ended in the letter T.


In your next reply I would appreciate if you could address these questions and advise if I should have the previous firmware installed in my router/hub if it safe to do so.


Support Team
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I'm sorry for the delay. I've passed this over to our Products Team now.