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My Account - Impossibility to log in for technical issue

First Timer
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Good Morning,

I am trying to log in in My Account, but unfortunately are 3 days that I am receiving this message:

"Sorry due to technical issues we can't log you right now. Please try again later." 

Picture attached in pdf


can you kindly help?


Thanks in advance  

Gianpaolo Scaiano

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Thank you for your message. I called the TT landline and they were able to assist. 


Gianpaolo Scaiano

Community Star
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From time to time there are problems with My Account, @gianpaoloscaiano.


Staff will not be back on here before Monday. Report the issue via Chat or phone meanwhile:


03451 720088 (free from your TT landline)

Gliwmaeden2, a fellow customer.