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Need a router ASAP

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Hi. ;Just moved homes yesterday - (Saturday)
My old home had fibre 150.

New home just has broadband.

So Talk Talk  said I need to leave the fibre router behind.

Openreach is coming tomorrow (Monday) to setup the broadband


I have now opened my new installation equipment to prepare for tomorrow, but it's just 2 eero wifi boxes.

No router sent.

What to do? It's Sunday and no helplines are available...


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You still haven't said what product you had before, however either of the 150 products would have had TWO boxes, FF has an ONT and Fibre 150 has an initial modem, whichever service you had those should have been left behind.


What you should have done is bring the second device with you and that could well have been a TT HUB, even on an older FF installation.


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If it was a modem then the advice you were given is correct, but then you would have needed a separate router connected to that, did you not? 


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Thanks for all the prompt replies. 
Yes, this is confusing (especially for me) 
So maybe they sent 2 eeros by mistake, even sending one is a mistake..according to martswain.
So then I don't have to go back and get the 150 Fibre Modem I left behind?
I will phone support team tomorrow and try explain this all...
Thanks to everyone.


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Well that's even more puzzling, because the sales pages suggest a single eero 6 with a Fibre 150 installation, or an eero Pro 6 with a Fibre 500 service. Only the Fibre 900 comes with more than one and that is the Pro 6.


I think you are best waiting until the support team pick this up now. If you are scheduled for an FTTC connection then they can check directly. If it is in fact a Future Fibre installation then you do have the right kit.



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Just checked my postcode. It says Ultrafast Full Fibre and Superfast Fibre is available!
So why am I only getting Fibre 65? Can't I get Fibre 150 with Ultrafast Full Fibre?


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just eero 6

Not the pro


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Fibre 65 only needs a TT HUB which is a combined modem/router, either Sagemcom or Huawei.


It does not use a standalone modem at all.


The EERO products are just routers so they will not work.

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I had the real full fibre
New property order says Fibre 65.
Talk Talk agent said leave the Fibre 150 modem behind because it might not work at new property


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This is the box at the new place.
The box at the new place.
So my new order is indeed for Fibre 65.
Will the modem for Fibre 150 work for Fibre 65?




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You can check your postcode and address yourself via the Openreach Full Fibre checker.


At least this will tell you that Full Fibre is or is not available at your address. Let us know what that check indicates.


If full fibre (TalkTalk's Future Fibre) is not available then it is strange that you have been sent two eero 6 products that are normally for Future Fibre only and specifically for eero 6 enabled packages.

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eero 6, or eero Pro 6, just to be clear?


Either way, you should not have been told to "leave the fibre router behind." You don't mean the modem/ONT by any chance?

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There are two "150" products, one over the phone line and the other real full fibre.


What did you have previously ?


EXACTLY what does your order say for the new property, which product is being installed ?

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Thanks for your replies. I got 2 eero 6 dual-band mesh wifi routers.


I was specifically told that I can't get fibre at my new address.

So I don't know why they sent the 2 eeros.

I need someone to check my phone number and postcode again to confirm what equipment I need.

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Hi dimaggio 


Just a thought from me...are the products you received a pair of Amazon eero Pro 6 mesh system with Tri-band Wi-Fi 6? These are Wi-Fi routers and normally provided only for the Fibre 1GB (900Mbps) broadband product.One is used as the gateway router to connect to the Openreach installed Optical Network Termination (ONT) box. The other is used to extend Wi-Fi coverage as part of the Total Home Wi-Fi.


So, if Openreach are coming on Monday to install Future Fibre (Fibre 1GB) then that's why you have Total Home Wi-Fi with 2 Amazon eero Pro 6s included as standard.


Standard broadband doesn't qualify for an eero 6 package.

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You have left your old router at the previous property? Can you go and get it back?