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I can't send or receive emails - password reset needed?

Team Player



For about the last 36 hours I've been unable to access my mailbox, either from Outlook or by webmail. In webmail I'm getting "The password is incorrect" when I try to login.


I see other messages here from people with apparently the same issue, and it seems like the solution is for you (customer support) to reset my password. Could you please do that, or whatever else you need to do.


As far as I know, I haven't yet been switched over to the new email system, if that's relevant. Of course, if I've been sent an email about the switch in the last 36 hours, I wouldn't know.


Since you can't send me my new password by means of my lineone email, please see my Community profile (personal info) for other ways to contact me, including a gmail address.

Richard Wein
Team Player

It turned out that my password had just reverted to an old one. So I'm OK now. Please DON'T reset it!


BTW I've also been upgraded to the new mail system, so perhaps the two things were connected.

Richard Wein
Community Team - TT Staff

Hi tichtich, you're right the 2 things are connected. There's an incident open for the issue and when it's corrected you'll be able to create and use a new email password if you want to, if one has already been created when the fault is fixed that will be the one to use.

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