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TT502 - Error message 'too many recipients' -

First Timer

Using an Outlook address in I sent a couple of e-mails last night with largish numbers of recipients (c30).  Now I am getting responses to e-mail to single recipients with the message TT502 'Too many recipients'.  How do I get out of this so that I can send e-mails again!

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Hi @DaveStoddard


Wait for tomorrow is the answer or 24 hours after the last error message.


TT502 is the code for too many recipients in the last 24 hour period.


So, just wait for a new 24 hour recording period to commence. Try to limit email recipients to 50 per hour or 500 per 24 hour period and you should be ok. Unless you're on another network i.e. overseas, where the limits might be harsher in order to guard against spam.

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Thanks very much for that  - fingers crossed.  I had sent to less than 300 recipients but certainly exceeded 50 per hour.