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Unable to receive emails

Team Player

I had received a few emails this morning and hoped the problem was fixed. However it appears to be broken again. Frustrating!!

First Timer

I am also unable to receive emails. Was down yesterday and most came through this morning I think, but now not working today. It is very frustrating, especially when unable to contact Talktalk about this. Some are bouncing, and some have been delivered 24 hours late. 

Community Team - TT Staff

Hi, we're pleased to confirm that the earlier issues accessing your emails have now been resolved however you may observe a delay in receiving emails whilst the backlog of emails within the system is processed over the coming hours. Once again we'd like to apologise for the inconvenience caused. 

Popular Poster

Appears to be down again, or very slow, unbelievable service!


I can't believe I actually pay £5 a month for this, think I'n going to have to bite the bullet.


Anybody know of any free IMAP servers?

Enlightened One
Popular Poster

Many thanks, I'll do some research.


Think I was being a little impatient, Service is up again just slow

Team Player

Yes emails appear not to be coming through again today. This has been going on for a week now sporadically, are TalkTalk ever going to fix this?

Enlightened One



I've been with TalkTalk for almost 10 years - this is about as good as it gets....


Needles to say I have a multitude of "other" emails account including Gmail, and my own domain email via Office 365 (now called Microsoft 365 Business Standard).


I've had 100 times (min) more problems with TalkTalk compared to all the rest PLUS my employer's email (which I manage) put together.


TT (ToyTown Noddy Email) are rubbish.


P.S. If you are paying £5/month just for TT email, for £10/month you could have Microsoft 365 Business Standard. Add you own domain for a few quid a year and you can have complete control over your email name on your own domain, 50GB mailbox, 1TB cloud storage and full Office (PC and Mac).


That's what I have and am gradually moving everything off TT

First Timer

Mine was fine this morning but gone off again this getting silly Its been like this all week Hope they are going to compensate for lack of service again

Team Player
I have been with TT for 14 years. Had the odd problem over the years, but never anything like this.