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Unable to report Scam/Fraud Emails

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I receive at least 10 to 20 rubbish emails every day. For most of them I have given up copying Source details and forwarding to Talktalk Phishing because it would take hours I do not have to spare. I did believe once that it might make a difference, but it did not. Now I just mark as spam, which I know does nothing to stem the eternal flow of intrusive criminal spam. UNLESS it is particularly explicit and offensive, which has been the case recently. However, very often I am unable to send to TT phishing, or report for other investigation. My forwarding is refused and this message received:
Message could not be sent to the following recipients: [,, Amazon SPOOF <>] (453 - 453 4.2.0 dvBik6TF2Ge9n Sorry, we can’t send this email at the moment because you’ve sent a lot of emails recently. Please wait an hour or so and then try sending your email again. For more information visit our help article (link: (TT603)
I have not sent a lot of emails recently, in fact just one today. What is going on with Talktalk and its lack of security? I believe we must report and trace the sources of malicious emails. Why does Talktalk make it so difficult, or impossible, to do so? Why don't Talktalk spam filters work?

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Hi Jean


The TT603 error message means your ability to send mail messages has been rate limited because recipients are rejecting your mail messages as unwanted spam. 


If you forward general spam to apwg or the UK Government's suspicious email reporting service (SERS) then either could simply mark you as a spammer trying to disrupt their efforts to combat global cybercrime.


If you forward general spam to stop-spoofing at Amazon and that spam is not actually pretending to be from Amazon then Amazon will simply mark you as a spammer trying to disrupt their efforts to combat cybercrime by criminals pretending to be from Amazon.


Spammers and scammers have discovered your email address. From here on it's a relentless fight to avoid spam and phishing scams that fool you into revealing personal data.


To help you identify how your email address is known to spammers you can enter the email address at and on doing so if the webpage goes red there will be a summary of where your email address features in a known data breach.


To completely avoid the unsolicited mail you can use a filter rule to accept mail into the Inbox from wanted senders only. This rule does need to be updated as you accept new contacts. Or you can migrate your contacts to use a new address for a mailbox created in your MyAccount. Delete the old email address and mailbox when your contacts are all using the new mailbox.

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Hi jeanrees0723, it seems Gondola has provided you with good advice.  Please let us know how you get on. 



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