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Unable to sign into Webmail

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Hi, I just wondered if anyone was having problems accessing Webmail.  I am able to sign into My Account, but when I try and sign into Webmail I constantly get 3 dots in the middle of the screen lighting up from left to right.  I have not signed into Webmail for a while so I do not know how long it has been like this.  Although  I am signing onto Webmail, the webpage is  I know I am using the correct password because when I tried an older password a message came up saying it was incorrect.  So basically, Webmail is accepting my password but doesn't seem able to display my Mail page.  Can anyone help please.

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Just a thought, but I have an old email address which I haven't used for years which was PAYG. (I am now on Fibre Broadband with a email address)  I received emails from TalkTalk advising that if I wanted to keep the tiscali address I would have to pay for the mailbox or add it to my TalkTalk mailboxes.  I didn't want to keep it as I never used it but occassionaly when I checked it, it was full of spam.  I was quite happy to loose it and so did nothing as TalkTalk advised that if I didn't pay or add it to my TalkTalk mailboxes it would be deleted and I wouldn't be able to access it after 11th April, although I am still receiving emails from the old tiscali email after 11th April, but I cannot log into that with webmail either.  I am just wondering if they have linked these two email accounts somehow via my telephone number and this has caused a problem that I cannot access my webmail.  When I log into my account and Manage my Mail Boxes, only my emails are there, which is what it should be.   Anyone have any thoughts?

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Hi @DavidS5 


The troubleshooting for TalkTalk Mail is:

Advice for Chrome browser - clear browser cache and cookies


Then try this approach for the sign in:


Manage Cookies before sign in


Before you sign in, Select the Menu icon (triple line) top right and then Manage Cookies.


Manage Cookies before sign in Accept none


Then select Accept None and when the pop-up appears select Yes, proceed.


Then enter your email address and select Continue then clear the password box and enter the password then select Sign in.  All of the above is when browser cookies appear to be holding up the sign in to TalkTalk Mail.


If the sign in is still stalled:

  • Refresh the browser and see if that produces the Inbox
  • Temporarily disable Internet security software that may be scanning and holding up the sign in.
  • Close and re-launch the Internet browser and if still stalled
  • Re-launch with browser extensions or add-ons disabled.
 Gondola - Volunteer 2017-2021

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Hi @Gondola,


thank you so much for your reply.  I had tried clearing cookies and cache etc before I posted this enquiry, however it appears that accepting None for cookies before sign in has done the job.


Thanks for taking the time to reply - very much appreciated.