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lost emails

First Timer


no monday the first time i used your new web email service and all my old emails i have for ten years have gone in my inboxs and i lost than on my mobile phone and i dont have pop3 on my mobile setting. put before i log in your new web email all my emails on my phone was in my inbox and working. i hope you can help me


thank you


Community Team

Hi coolmark123456, just to ensure I've understood you correctly. You've just been migrated onto the new mail platform? You have no devices using POP3, you only use IMAP with mail clients. When you login to webmail there are no emails there at all? Have I got that right?

First Timer

yes you are right

Community Team

Hi coolmark123456,


Are emails still disappearing from your webmail inbox. Are there still currently no emails in your webmail inbox? If you send an email to yourself does that disappear too?