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Whizz Kid
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Last September I posted a query about not being able to send emails when my VPN was active. I thnk eventually I have fixed the problem after many attempts. However, I have to say the offical instructions from TalkTalk are not clear and there are differences in the wording between what it says and that  used in my client software which it misquotes. Without describing every minor irritation I give instead a few pointers if they can benefit others.


The migration by TalkTalk to an improved email server was of itself only part on the necessary solution. I use Outlook as part of Microsoft 365 (the successor to MS Office 365) and to benefit from the server change meant a lot of work as I have five email accounts set up as POP3/SMTP to manage.. Each one had to be backed up offline in a .pst file and then the account deleted through control panel. Then in outlook all messages had to be deleted before the email folder could be closed. Next back to control panel to create new email accounts as IMAP/SMTP but the automatic system fails as it cannot find the settings online so you have to start again using manual settings and avoid the confusion caused by different terminology between MS and TalkTalk. Care is needed because the process can reset to what it considers defaults if you go back to check a setting . This is particulary with port numbers. If you persist it sets up but then there is a new set of problems with homecall accounts in designationg folders and also with synschroniation. I had to manaually delete redundant folders in Outlook and in one account relocate historical sent mail that had wandered. There were other issues and I had to delete one account and restart but probably was me being careless.


Not a task for the faint hearted. Might have been a lot easier to junk all historical mail on my pc and current mail on the server and begin email again at the beginning.

Some people call me Victor Meldrew. I don't believe it!

Support Team
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Hi KannyKen, thanks for taking the time to post and let us know how you got on. 



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