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My tiscali emails are no longer appearing in New Outlook

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A week ago my Tiscali email address stopped sending / receiving in New Outlook . It was working fine previously in New Outlook. When checking the account settings (which are automatically inputted when adding a new account) they seem to be wrong (imap. when they should be imap.talktalk).

Is there a way to edit these settings or manually set up an email account in New Outlook?



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Microsoft do not currently allow the change of server settings in New Outlook / Outlook for Windows. Users have to set up the correct settings when first setting up an email account. You'll need to Remove the account.


However, currently Outlook for Windows is not working. The software is not connected to the TalkTalk Mail servers.


Microsoft have advised one of the TalkTalk Mail users that Outlook for Windows is still in development.


It's not clear why the TalkTalk servers are not connected to the software as the user gets no error messages.

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