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No Pipex mail since Friday

Grumpy OAP
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I also had an update last Thursday 24th evening and since then I can't send or receive, nor log onto my TT mail account.  Again, error message "wrong password".  I have tried to update and each time it says TT are unable to do at the current time. 


I had a CHAT but got to 17:50 and all of a sudden my router starts flashing and hey-presto link is lost when light temporally goes red.  Anything to do with going home at 6pm?!!!!!!  The lady did say that the new update only works with Windows 10 or above so my Windows 8 is not acceptable.  No mention of minimum compatibility with all the email hype about the introduction so for whose benefit is this update!  Since then I have tried to login using our laptop which used Windows 10 and my wife's latest iPhone SE and our iPad, but still exactly the same responses and the inability to update passwords.


To make things worse, I took TT's advice and followed their guidance to update from POP3 to IMAP.  So I deleted my POP account.  And now I can't create a new IMAP one nor reinstate the old POP3!  Hence no paddle.


My feeling is TT has a major issue and are not admitting to it and have not briefed their CHAT personnel so we have to exist without emails.  Also our local O2 mast is having issues so I one could say life is very quiet, but REALLY FRUSTRATING!



Terry (aka Grumpy old man!)


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Hi Grumpy OAP, do you still need help with this? 



Please log in to My Account if you need to view or pay your bill, manage boosts and track your usage. From My Account you can also check your connection and test your line for any issues in the Service Centre.


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Hi @Grumpy OAP 


To link this topic to your TalkTalk Mail service, in preparation for direct help from TalkTalk support on Monday, please check your Community Profile includes in Personal Information (Click here):

Your name, current TalkTalk landline 'phone and alternate number (mobile preferred). Add your full address with postcode (location). Then scroll down to Private notes to add your pipex email address(es), notes and references etc and then save changes.

Your pipex mailboxes will have been migrated to TalkTalk Mail so:

Check the Inbox for your mail messages. Compose and send the same mailbox a mail message. Check that the message sends without error, is copied into the Sent objects folder and arrives and stays in the Inbox.


Let us know of any error message, or if mail does not arrive in the Inbox or disappears from the Inbox.  That's really just to prove the mailbox can send email and that you receive the email into the Inbox ok if anyone replies.


Let me know if you have webmail access so you have email communication.


But let's look at the case where the password is incorrect.


I'm hoping you'll have set up password recovery with an alternate email address and mobile phone number (O2 mast issues hopefully fixed) for a password reset link or code to be sent.


Try the Forgotten password button in the Changing your email password help page. If you have set up password recovery you should have up to 3 options including the email account itself but that's only for routine password changes.

GondolaVolunteer 2017-2021

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Grumpy OAP
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After a 1 hour 40 min CHAT I have been elevated.  Great, now I just have to sit back and wait to be contacted.  One work-around I have used is to use the last of my 5 email addresses and create a email.  At the moment I can communicate but very reluctant to fully implement as there will be 8 days of emails I still can't access, unless kind people resend.  It also means I have to persuade my contact list it is me and accept the new email address and amend their address books!  And the bank and HMRC and ...........................  Help!!