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Setting up Outlook app on iPhone

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I have just purchased a laptop and set up my TalkTalk email account on Outlook, eventually, after some help with IMAP/SMTP/POP3 etc.


I have become frustrated that the emails I send on my iPhone, using the Mail app, they do not reflect on Outlook.


I downloaded the Outlook app on my iPhone so I can rectify this. However, the details I used for the server address (IMAP./SMTP) were incorrect. It was telling me to contact my email provider. 


Can anybody please provide the correct details to use on my iPhone on the Outlook app, so I can set up my TalkTalk email address on there too?


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At the present time, the available [Microsoft Outlook] Outlook download is v4.2117.0 which requires [Apple] iOS v13 or later, so if you wish make use of this application, it will be necessary to download an older version, if available!


As a consequence of the above requirement, you will have received this notification @georgebutler1967 7 ........


iOS Version Too Old.png



The application will perform perfectly well if installed to the current version of iPadOS however ~ v14.6



Support Team
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Hi georgebutler1967, Gondola is our expert on this particular subject. I've not been able to do any significant testing on Outlook and IOS.




Please log in to My Account if you need to view or pay your bill, manage boosts and track your usage. From My Account you can also check your connection and test your line for any issues in the Service Centre.

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Hi @georgebutler1967 


Unless there's been an update I haven't been able to get the Outlook for iOS working. 


My recommendation is to use the native email app already on the iPhone. 


Screenshot the email settings, image edit to obscure the first part of the email address and upload here so I can see what you see.

GondolaVolunteer 2017-2021

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