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Unable to Access Tiscali E-mail fromoutside of mail portal

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I have been trying to help out a family member who has had a Tiscali e-mail address for a very long time. They are not a talk talk customer, but they do have a tiscali email address that works.

For accessibility purposes, they have always needed to use software that makes navigating, reading, and sending e-mails easy, or at least configurable so that I can make it easier for them to use.

I havent been able to access their pc over covid period until very recently, and I have noticed that their e-mails account are reporting back with incorrect configuration. I attempted to clear and reset, using the infomation from here:

However, this doesnt work. On the times where i do get an error message, it is an authentication error. I know this not to be the case though, as I can access the email via the talk talk (tiscali) mail portal.


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Hi SparrowD, follow the article that stevesurrey posted the link for. That help article covers everything you need for TalkTalk Mail Plus.



Please log in to My Account if you need to view or pay your bill, manage boosts and track your usage. From My Account you can also check your connection and test your line for any issues in the Service Centre.

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I think all the info on Mail Plus is in this article, including a link to Sign Up if thats what you want to do.



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Try 0345 172 0088 not sure if operational or not as kept note of this number years ago

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So they appear to have recieved an email in March indicating this would be the case.

Any of the links in the email are long since expired, due to my inability in being able to visit and help them.

How can i contact TalkTalk to ask about options? I cant find a number for TalkTalk that they will actually answer.


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Hi SparrowD, stevesurrey is right you might find they've not gt a current active service.



Please log in to My Account if you need to view or pay your bill, manage boosts and track your usage. From My Account you can also check your connection and test your line for any issues in the Service Centre.

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When did your relative lose access to the address using an email client? Prior to coronavirus TalkTalk were gradually removing such access to non-broadband customers unless they signed up for Mail Plus and paid £5 a month. If they didn't subscribe they would be left with webmail access only. This process was meant to have been suspended during the lockdown.  Was your relative ever invited to sign up for Mail Plus?


I just mention this as one possibility for the problem experienced. 

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I have tried using a couple of clients similar to thunderbird (i have used thunderbird for my own emails in the past, but not for this case as i dont beleive the layout would help my relative).

In all circumstances, I have tried configuring the email address automatically as the client percieves it should, and I have manually configured to match the IMAP, SMTP and ports as per my link in the original thread.

Nothing has changed with the router, so I dont expect it to be the cause. In addition, I have replicated this issue on my own home network, and multiple other email addresses work using the same applications.

The password I have used on the various app based clients is the same as the password I have used on the web-client.

So i can rule out the pc i am using, as I can replicate it on other devices.

I can rule out the software I am attempting to use, as I have it working for other email addresses.

I can rule out the password being incorrect, as the password is successfully allowing me access to the web-client.

Any other ideas?


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Meant to also add that thunderbird can be setup so emails can be directed to come directly into named folders so friends work finance etc can all be setup to get emails directed into the appropriate folder hence once set makes easy to check rather than sifting through the whole inbox


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I have a lineone email address and I use thunderbird email client.

if you load this client on pc and then try to create account. You plugin your email address and password and it should find the settings and download emails on to pc either setup as IMAP or pop account. If problems using auto setting then change to manual setting for to configure.check also if sends ok after setting up in case the outgoing server is not configured to correct port incoming might be 110 and outgoing 587 but may be different.even if you do not want to use thunderbird in the future it may at least ensure you have the correct settings for to get mail.Other possibility is that the router is not set properly may be worth resetting and inputting password again although if you have internet then it will not be a problem with router and more likely that wrong password or settings changed