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Need help?

Unable to receive emails

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Hi, Can you please help as I have not received any for a couple of days.
I have tested this by sending an email from my talktalk account to my gmail account (recived) but when I send from gmail to talktalk, it does not come through?
I am using your Webmail ( so this in not related to my outlook and haveing checked with my wife, she is not getting email either.
Thanks in advance for your help.
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No responce in three hours but I can see my email starting to come though again now.

Thank you for you help.

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Hi @gphelps5 


Apologies for not seeing your post earlier.


There have been weekend delays in getting mail from non mail addresses to the mailboxes but should now be good.

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To appreciate my help . . . If I offered a solution Best Answer

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Me too. Came back briefly yesterday and this morning but gone again

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and it's broken again now....


i’m having the same problems too, occasionally I get an account error & I have to switch my WiFi off on my phone and download emails via 4G but even that isn’t working today 😩

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I too am unable to receive my emails either via Windows live Mail or Windows mail, they were running slow yesterday but today nothing I just get an error message. I have tried sending an email to my @Lineone address using Windows live Mail and this was sent by and received (on lineone) no problem at all. I have tried logging into my email page direct and all I get is a message which reads:- "Unable to connect to e-mail server. Possible reasons: The e-mail server is (temporarily) down or there are network connection problems. Please try again in a few minutes". Please fix soonest

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Gone again. I am awaiting an important email but little chance of that happening. 
does anyone have any news

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Me too - unable to receive email, unable to contact talktalk. Think there was some kind of upgrade done last night??

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Hi there,
I'm in the same position any luck?
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Yeh, We are too. It started yesterday being very slow in getting emails. Now we can't get any emails at all. what's going on as can't get in touch with Talk Talk due to situation.
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Im on the borders of Birmingham and haven't had any emails at all today. Cant find anything on the web to say there's a problem.
Can't send or receive emails, whether from Windows Live Mail or web mail. Message says can't connect to server. Tried online chat but they just sent me here. I asked them to escalate to engineers but they refused.
pipex not working
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Can an OCE please address this
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Me too, started slowing last night and nothing today ????

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How on earth can the Service Centre be reporting email as green OK when we all have had intermittent issues for days, some kind of communication would be welcomed!

Are 'mail plus' subscribers eligible for a refund?

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my emails are returned to sender but my own emails arrive ok 


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I have not received any Emails since 18:00 last night. I have used Thunderbird and the Webmail system and nothing happens, I don't even know if Emails that I have sent have actually gone. Why isn't there a way of actually contacting Talktalk and why aren't they responding to any of these posts?


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No emails in or out since 22:17 last night. This is a major issue. Why can you never find admission / information / apology on TT website when things aren't working? There must be someone there who is not trying to fix the problem

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I am also unable to receive emails to my address  I can send them but haven't been able to receive any since late yesterday 😞 I don't know who to contact to try and get it resolved